Funeral Flowers
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Casket spray of white roses, babies
breath and assorted greens.
Shown $200
Range $175-$350
A beautiful pedestal vase of pastel
flowers including, blue and green
hydrangeas, larkspur, roses,
Gerbera daisy, delphinium, wax flower
and Queen Anne's  lace.
Shown $200
Range $150-$300
A natural basket arrangement
including, roses, snapdragons,
hydrangeas, ivy and potted ferns.
Shown $250
Range $200-300
Casket spray of roses,
snapdragons,calla lily,delphinium,
sunflowers, gerbera daisy and
assorted greens and other flowers.
Shown $300
Range $200-$350
Beautiful assortment in a pedestal
vase, including roses, hydrangeas,
snapdragon, Gerbera daisies, stock,
bells of Ireland and more.
Shown $250
Range $200-$300
Elegant arrangement of white
flowers in a pedestal vase, including
hydrangeas, snapdragons,roses
and stock.  Enhanced by beautiful
greens and other flowers such as
bells of Ireland, eucalyptus and
Queen Ann's lace.
Shown $225
Range $150-$300
These are just a sampling of our funeral floral
arrangements. We always strive to
meet each customers individual needs.
Please call or visit one of our two
locations, and let us arrange something
beautiful for you.

East Greenwich (401) 884-7711
Wickford (401) 583-4114
Spider mums, roses, stock,
lilies and babies breath.
Shown $200
Range $150-$250
Casket Spray
An assortment of
pink roses, stock and wax flower.
Shown $300
Range $250-$350
Vase Arrangement
Assortment of hydrangea,
snapdragon, roses, gerbera daisy,
callalily, larkspur, and bells of Ireland.
Shown $200
Range $125-$250
Casket Spray
An assortment of
mixed colorful flowers to create a
unique and thoughtful display.
Shown $350
Range $200-$350
Casket Spray
A beautiful assortment of flowers
which include roses, Gerbera Daisies,
stock and much more.
Shown $400
Range $250-$500
Soft assortment of blue and white
flowers in a pedestal vase
Shown $200
Range $150-$300